Bath Time with Uni the Hedgehog

I was always into “unusual” pets and last May I adopted an almost 2 year old female hedgehog. We named her Uni which is Japanese for sea urchin… our family dog is sub sequentially named Nori which is Japanese for seaweed. (She’s a Portuguese Water Dog).

Uni came home with her cage and heat lamp, some food, bedding and bowls. While I had rationalized with my parents that she would be a good pet because she’d only ever be awake at night (they are nocturnal creatures) and that’s when I’d get home from full time school and four different jobs.

Hedgehogs are relatively easy to care for and are great for night owls like me. They don’t need to be immunized and only need to see the vet as needed. Uni came home with a lot of attitude due to the lack of socialization from the previous owner (who was also a student but very busy). And her ears (as I later learned) were waxy and cracked due to the dry heat produced indoors from the winter weather. These things can be fixed with some treats and a good coconut oil massage around the ears and feet as well as constant cuddling on a daily basis.

She naturally still has some attitude (like me :P) but she has gotten way better in the year that we have had her. I say we because while she is my pet and responsibility to take care of, the parental unit dutifully takes care of the zoo because everyone is either off at school or abroad (me). On top of a dog and a hedgehog, brother has left behind two turtles.

On my list for next pets are an octopus, a lionhead goldfish, a fruit bat and a chinchilla.


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