Mitakon 85mm 1.2 on GH4 + Speedbooster

If you’re always on the hunt for a fast portrait lens but can’t afford the pricier Canon L 85mm 1.2 that comes at around $2,469.99 at Henry’s (Canada) then you might turn to the only competitor, the Mitakon 85mm 1.2 which (online) comes at around $799 USD with free shipping from ZY Optics. But if you’re thinking of buying it for your GH4 and Metabones Speedbooster 0.64 XL, then I recommend you don’t.

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I have the speedbooster in a Canon EF mount and while I thought that it would fit, I can tell you right now, it doesn’t. Even though the Mitakon lens did have a Canon mount, it came up with a message error. It said : lens not attached to camera. Which indeed it was and it was securely in place too. But I couldn’t get any image projected onto the camera screen, it was simply all just black.

“It said : lens not attached to camera.”

Even troubleshooting by taking off the speedbooster from the camera and reattaching each element, did not work. The same message came up regardless. And I had also made sure that the Shoot with out Lens option was on in the GH4 setting menu.

And before you ask, yes, the lens cap was off and I was in a store full of camera professionals who couldn’t figure out why the lens was not working with the camera set up I had. The guy said maybe it was the weight of the lens and I do admit, it was a tank of a lens (as you will hear in many YouTube reviews).

“Maybe it was the weight of the lens.”

The guy had suggested that maybe it was because it was a third party lens made with a Canon mount that did not seem to work with US made canon mount systems. This is beyond me, I would think that a Canon mount is a Canon mount and Canon electronic contacts should be made the same if they are meant to work with Canon mount cameras. But alas, to save you the same disappointment I went through, if you’re looking for an 85mm 1.2 that won’t cost you both arms and legs as the Canon one, the Mitakon will not work on a GH4 set up like mine.


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