After 3 Years This Happened

You wouldn’t think it would happen to you, at least not in the very moments where you need it most. But it did to me (and it’s still continuing to happen. After 3 years, my darn laptop is starting to act up with half the screen becoming discolored and glitching until the item displayed becomes unreadable.

It’s almost summer time and as the term is ending, as my semester abroad is ending, I can’t help but dread the money that will be spent either fixing the issue or having to get the laptop if the cost of fixing it is greater than its worth.

While 3 years may seem a long time, I don’t think it is. I think may be 6 or 7 is a good long time but these days I think companies are meant to make products that don’t last long so that you can go back to them and buy a new one every couple years. The idea of consumerism is just so expensive.

Now it’s not like I need a new laptop and I hope that it stays at the screen problem because if other signs show, then it’s becomes harder to ignore that I would need to dump money to get a new one.


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